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We are Milkyway

Our mission is to build your branding, website and digital strategies to achieve your goals and grow your business.

Our design agency begins in 2008 as a dream of a world where we could work from anywhere from the digital space, providing the best design solutions for businesses that, like us, want to make the difference, standing out from the boring competition, and willing to use creativity and technology to create their dreams.

Back then, working remotely was a wild and visionary idea. However, as we believed, It turns out to be the future we live in nowadays. As digital nomads, We have travelled the world learning about human psychology, discovering ways to communicate better and creating partnerships to grow business.

For more than 14 years, our mantra has been “Go beyond common sense“, and we believe this mantra is still relevant if you want to go further in life. We are innovators, explorers, always curious to discover and create new ways to deliver your message more cost-effective and efficiently.

That’s is our DNA.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Not just a
design agency

We bring to the table more than design. We provide you with the tools to grow and achieve your dreams.

Our experienced team can navigate any challenge you have in this digital space leaving you with more time to do what is vital for your business.

We don’t want clients. We want partners that believe we can grow together using technology to bring the best for both worlds.

One-stop digital agency

We are a "Jakes of all trades" kind of agency. We give you a unique point of contact to solve all your problems and save you tons of money integrating our services in a bundled service value.

We Love people

Understanding human behaviour is one of our passions, and user experience is the key to innovating and creating a better customer experience for your business.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Each process is different, but we make it straightforward for you everything that needs to be done and when it will be done. We work together to speed up the process and deliver your project more efficiently.

We Keep It Simple

We don't waste your time with technical details. We understand your time is valued, so we focus on the outcome you want to achieve rather than how we will get there.

The man who builds universes.

David Pok

David had had a creative and entrepreneurial mind since a very young age when between skateboard sessions and punk rock bands, he created his first skateboard brand at the age of 17 when the internet was not a thing yet. Pursuing a career in graphic design, he started a degree in product design. However, he was seduced by the world of advertising, leading him to start working in an advertising agency as an art director.

After many years working in various Ad agencies in Brazil and with a bachelor in advertising/marketing under his belt, he decided to open his first digital Studio back in 2008. For five years, he helped small companies with advertising and design, working remotely for clients all around Brazil. The Studio was the seed of the idea of what is Milkyway today.

In 2015 chasing his dream of travelling the world, he closed the Studio and moved to Australia, working as a digital nomad, improving his skills as Filmmaker, web designer and Web developer. In 2018, Milkyway design was officially born with the idea of combining all his skills, ideas and partnerships to deliver the best designs in the galaxy for clients around the world.

bowie spacesuit - milkyway

Tools that we use

We use the best technology available to create your universe. 

join us for a unique journey to success.

We make your goals our life mission

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