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Client profile

With over 30 years in the market, AMS specialises in surface installation and maintenance. AMS has gained experience providing cleaning solutions for surfaces around schools, government departments and clubs around Queensland.

Our approach

Our team develop a rebranding for the company after 30 years in the market. We bring a fresh look for the brand and set all the collaterals, including a new website.


This rebranding brings more personality to the brand since the previous logo has only letters without any design. In a straightforward way, we stylised the letter M with the Checked-in green, representing the idea that the company checks all the boxes, and you don’t need to be concerned. Also, since they offer “green” solutions, we keep the green from the previous brand, adding another layer of meaning.
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The new website was created in the middle of the pandemic, and we use this to bring attention to the safety of the kids in schools (perfect avatar). Still, since we want to keep the conversation light, we work with extra layers of Germs on the screen to represent the danger around us.


Video Create to show the process of cleaning and maintenance of synthetic grass.

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