Promotionall – Case Study

Client profile

PromotionALL dates back to 2004 when we were known as Promotional USB… An Australian family business delivering promotional solutions to businesses, providing a one-stop shop for many clients.

Our approach

The company requested a rebranding to keep up with their new range of products and services after 15 years in business. As a result, we came up with the name PROMOTIONALL and made the company’s unique identity and website, launching everything with a strategic social media campaign.


The client mentioned that his business was done mainly by word of mouth several times during the discovery session. So our team brought the idea to create a logo that represented this personal communication and showed that they could promote anyone with their products and services.


This e-commerce website was very challenging since it needed to be easy to update and include more products, but at the same time, very visual since some products are hard to imagine just for photos. So our solution was to create a Mega-menu interactive with the USBs images. All the categories also have dynamic layouts, so it changes, conforming to the necessity of each group of products.

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